Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Broken Indian

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The Broken Indian

Please do not weep for me if its out of pity;

Look back and remember I was once proud.

When you see me looking sullen and at my worst;

Please remember I once walked with my head held high.

Where love and compassion once filled my heart;
All I have left today is anger and hatred from years of abuse!

Why is it that my people have never mattered to this country?
I was only born the way the creator chose me to be: with red skin!

But for some reason you thought you could beat it out of me;
You thought that by taking away my language I would no longer be.

You thought by taking away my culture I would cease to exist;
You thought by taking away my children I would disappear!

You thought by taking away my land I would be gone forever;
You thought by making me YOU, that I would no longer be me!

"Get rid of the Indian problem!" Isn't that what you said?
Why? Because I am different from you? Because I am not you?

You may have taken everything from me! You may think you have stolen who I am!

But....the one thing you can never take from me is MY SPIRIT!
I am and will always be

By Shelley Brant