Tuesday, December 06, 2005

What Makes a Good Chief?

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"A good chief gives, he does not take." Mohawk
1. Honesty
2. Integrity
3. Respects other people and their opinions.
4. Listens to the voice of the community.
5. Educates the community on important issues that may affect them and possible outcomes and consequenses.
6. Puts the best interest of the community ahead of his own interests.
7. Makes good sound decisions.
8. Has good judgement.
9. Is proud of his people and his community.
10. Listens to the other members of Council with an open mind.
How many times have we had elections and we groan about the people that get in? When people vote are the taking into account who will be the best leaders of the community? Are they voting for who they can get the most things from at the expense of the community? Are they voting for people for personal reasons whether they are the best leaders for the community or not?
The only way to effect change and to overcome oppression within our native communities is remember that you are the people and the strength of your community. We have to stop being afraid and remind those that are in a position of power who they work for: Its you and its me not on behalf of themselves. There are ways this can be done but its only if the community can band together and say enough is enough. One voice means very little; 100 even more and 200 even more then that.
Things like petitions and going in to Council meetings with the full stength of as many people as will attend to get your points accrossed can do wonders. Making the issues that are wrong in your communities public through the media can work as well. Remember when u publicize something as long as you are telling the truth; let them sue you they can't win and it can only help your cause to get it into court regardless of who brings it. You can also form your own committes to deal with as many problems as you can as a group and on behalf of that may be afraid to speak up. Don't let your Councils tell you that you can't because you can do anything on your own and don't need permission as long as its legal. Deal with any harassment or intimidation issues head on and the let them know ur not afraid there are avenues that can be taken to deal with those too.
Be consistent and let them know you are not giving up and most of all never do!


Blogger darcey said...

Great blog! Glad to find it.

8:48 AM  
Blogger Shelley Brant said...

Thanks Darcy i appreciate your feed-back and hope you enjoy it in the future as well.

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